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Need some ideas!

2011-01-24 01:36:22 by ThunderHorseL

Need an idea for a good song, I'm feeling.. creative.

Review my newest song!

2010-07-22 01:53:08 by ThunderHorseL

Eyyo, not begging here. Just implying that you should.

Help me with my new song!

2009-01-29 21:11:17 by ThunderHorseL

what should i do for my next song. i'm at a lack of inspiration. so any comments or any suggestions. just comment and leave me some feedback =]

The Day Hitler Imploded.

2009-01-14 22:56:18 by ThunderHorseL

Yes'm a new intro for your enjoyment. This is one of my favorites so far. Needs work for sure, but it's definitely fun to listen to.
sit back and enjoy.
-Thunderhorse L-

Drunken rave song!

2009-01-04 09:15:01 by ThunderHorseL

CHECK THAT HORRIBLE SHIT OUT. No, i'm kidding. But check out my raving scientist demo. =)

Drunken rave song!

Happy New years!!!

2008-12-31 17:33:35 by ThunderHorseL


Hey everyone!

2008-12-24 13:20:44 by ThunderHorseL

Merry Christmas eve!

I'm getting alot of downloads, but no reviews, please be courteous enough to leave a review about it. If you liked it enough to download it, there's gotta be something to say.
-Thunderhorse L-

2 Posts in one day!

2008-11-30 17:06:02 by ThunderHorseL

Check out my song!
Me and my sister collaborated and she has quite a voice!
Oh, and review it please!
-Thunderhorse L-

0 Bombers suck

2008-11-30 13:19:01 by ThunderHorseL

I hate them, and everything they stand for. Please people, if you're reading this, vote fairly please.
Oh, and for the rest of you.
i love you all :D