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Wow, this is such a fun song!
your chord progression is really nice.
and when the bass comes it it starts getting really dancy, which i really like.
one thing i can say is though that it gets a tad repetitive, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But back to the compliments, i like the tune of piano you used, very crisp.
Good job overall
8/10 5/5
-Thunderhorse L-

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Sounds Really Good

Your chord progression here is impeccable. Good work on that.
The overall melody had me bobbing my head and basically dancing.
Needs some polishing, for sure, but you're more than capable of making this song really great
Good work, keep making music :)
-Thunderhorse L-

oh and i took your comments into fruition, and i resubmitted the song.
check it out please :)

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Yeah I didn't put my all in today, wasn't feeling too good.

Thanks for the rate and review.

-Cheers Brando

I checked out that new song, it's nice but really I cannot remember what the first one sounded like. You must have deleted it =\


The melody is so good! I didn't know what to expect at first, but it came out sounding reeaally good. I especially like the synth you used.
Overall great song.
5/5 10/10 (if i could vote higher i would)
-Thunderhorse L-

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Thanks Thunder! Glad you liked the mello :D I liked it too ^_^ Yeah the synth was a big layer of nexus's. Nice ones too.

-Cheers Brando

Edit: Right now I'm actually shortening that bit, it should sound better now.

Not bad

I honestly can't say I've heard the original
but dude, you have a pretty good voice
and balls to actually sing on this site.
your range lies a bit lower tho
-8/10- -4/5-
-Thunderhorse L-

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For sure one of my favorites

Great song you got here, I'm having so much fun just listening to it!
Good job on all fronts.
*wants moar*

RenoakRhythm responds:

hey thanks a lot for the review :)

I will make MOAR...lulz.

Not really techno

But whatever this is, it's very good.
i liked the ambient sound alot.
and all the nice little beeps, like a robot or something
5/5 9/10
-Thunderhorse L-
oh, and check out my stuff too.

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caffeinerush responds:

You're right about that. I didn't want to put it into Misc, but ambient is probably more accurate.

Thanks for the vote/review!

So.. Fucking.. Good..

The piano was exquisite.
The drums sounded great. A little monotone, but that's expected.
Overall one of my favorites on newgrounds.
5/5 10/10
-Thunderhorse L-

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HappyHomicide responds:

Dude thanks! and yeah, the drums are a bit monotone because they're drum machines, this is really just a template for my band to learn off of.

Good.. But

There were a few notes off in your melody, maybe a unneeded sharp or flat.
overall though, it was quite good. I enjoyed listening to it.
5/5 9/10
-Thunderhorse L-

oh, and check out my stuff =D

Randomizor responds:

Haha thanks!
and I will check out your stuff :D


This is in DIRE need of drums.
But it sounds really good.
Keep up the good work
9/10 5/5
-Thunderhorse L-
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Reminds me of -

Haddaway - What is love
You know, baby don't hurt me. etc.
anyways, good work, i like it alot.
oh, and check out my stuff :)
-Thunderhorse L-

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