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For sure one of my favorites

Great song you got here, I'm having so much fun just listening to it!
Good job on all fronts.
*wants moar*

RenoakRhythm responds:

hey thanks a lot for the review :)

I will make MOAR...lulz.

Not really techno

But whatever this is, it's very good.
i liked the ambient sound alot.
and all the nice little beeps, like a robot or something
5/5 9/10
-Thunderhorse L-
oh, and check out my stuff too.

caffeinerush responds:

You're right about that. I didn't want to put it into Misc, but ambient is probably more accurate.

Thanks for the vote/review!

Good.. But

There were a few notes off in your melody, maybe a unneeded sharp or flat.
overall though, it was quite good. I enjoyed listening to it.
5/5 9/10
-Thunderhorse L-

oh, and check out my stuff =D

Randomizor responds:

Haha thanks!
and I will check out your stuff :D

Reminds me of -

Haddaway - What is love
You know, baby don't hurt me. etc.
anyways, good work, i like it alot.
oh, and check out my stuff :)
-Thunderhorse L-

Never Cease

To make me daaaaaaance!
Haha, lots of fun to listen to.
I love the melody of it, it's great.
oh and keep doin' what you're doin.
5/5 9/10
-Thunderhorse L-

IndieDance responds:

will do, and another song is going to be finished soon, using this melody and another because this one gets a little repetitive since its kinda short xD

thanks =]

Serenity is right

The chords you used were impeccable. What key is this in? Anyway, I think this is great work. The timing on the orchestra was great, it came in at the right exact moment. But the solo added something else, like a layer i was not expecting, but in a good way; a really good way. It just gave it that extra kick over the edge it needed. So, to wrap up, this is a great piece and you should be proud of it. Good job.
5/5 10/10
-Thunderhorse L-

Darkmaster603 responds:

It's in the key of C major, which is also different for me, most of my stuff is in Am. Glad you liked it!

Thanks for the review and the time to liste

=DD Animaaal crossinggggg

haha i love this because i love animal crossing.
and you did a good job of it.
and the strings sound great btw. :D
5/5 9/10
-Thunderhorse L-

Lamplighter responds:

Wahoo! I love Animal Crossing, too!

Glad you liked the strings, I thought they were pretty nice for a Sytrus-generated sound. Thanks a lot for the review!


I love the backstory to tell you the truth.
And to top it off, a great song that matches perfectly
I can totally see the ancients and the NDA bastards.
But anyways, your synth choices are superb.
5/5 10/10
-Thunderhorse L-

Twistedtechnology responds:

Thank you! Im glad the song was able to paint a picture that went with the story!

it's relaxing.

It's almost like menu music for a survival horror game.
i'd like to see that..
anyways, my only criticism is.. well.. none.
sorry for not having any, i just really like it.
5/5 10/10
-Thunderhorse L-

eghcvg responds:

well thank you! glad you enjoyed it =)

Really good

So, as i sat home, alone in a thunderstorm in the dark
I listened to this song.
And here i am, awake and reviewing it. :P
But seriously, nice composition.
5/5 10/10\
-Thunderhorse L-

P.S. Check out my stuff too :D

blackattackbitch responds:

lol thanks, I don't even know how this song came to me. And I will check out your stuff.

Well, lets see. I'm pretty creative when i put my mind to it. I love all kinds of music. Yes, even country. But Music is my passion.

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